My self-published work can be viewed and purchased on my Lulu account.

» Short fiction collection – Scran: a series of Scottish short stories


‘These linked short stories ably imagine the voices of three contemporary young Scottish women. Warm, humorous and touching, they deploy wry observation to sketch out some of the concerns, fears and hopes of today’s generation of 20 somethings. The indulgences, frustrations and challenges of food and bevy run through them as a leitmotif helping to create a pleasurable pattern of echoes.

From Freya’s road trip back home to her native Ardrossan and Arran to attend an often hilarious family funeral, through Kayleigh’s close encounter with a strange man in a pub, to Rebecca’s experience of her first morning after the night before, these stories both amuse and move and announce Sophie McNaughton as a bright new voice in Scottish fiction.’ – Professor David Kinloch

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» Short fiction collection – Ivy Moon & Other Short Stories

‘Her irises had the texture of reptile scales, like small circles of crinkled foil or thin flakes of gold. They burned a radioactive, liquid, lime green that morphed into a murky mustard shade of yellow with the changing sunlight.

Even her dense, muddy pupils were hypnotic with their way of dilating and stretching to inky black saucers when she was excited and shrinking to tiny, devilish slits when she was angry. She stood at five foot seven, a few inches shorter than myself with the slender body of a woman but the long, swishing tail and soft, fluffy head of a cat.’

This collection contains nine short stories that include elements of gothic horror, fantasy, science fiction, romance, tragedy, historical fiction, surrealism, folklore, fairytale and the paranormal.

→ You can buy my short story collection from Lulu, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

» Short Fiction – The Final Confession of Dr Benjamin John Kray

The Final Confession of Dr Benjamin John Kray is a post-apocalyptic thriller about a daring, curious scientist who conducts experiments which leads to all life on Earth being put in grave danger. This Gothic, gripping and innovative short story about medical experimentation encapsulates the Doctor’s final confession and explanation.

→ You can buy my short story or download the FREE eBook version from Amazon.



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