If you’d like to have your own guest blog featured on moon child, please email me at: and tell me a bit about yourself and what you like to write about. If you have a specific idea of what you’d like your guest blog to be about or even if you just have a vague idea, I’d be more than happy to discuss it with you.

When I post your guest blog, I will include a quick note from myself where I will explain why I chose to feature your post and what I like about it, a short bio about you written by you (100 words or less), a picture of you (optional) and I will also include any social media links you’d like to include.

You can also view blog posts from other guest bloggers to give you a better idea of the kind of work I’m looking for.

While I love to feature guest blogs of a similar subject matter to the topics I would personally write about, I also love to feature diverse and varied posts so no matter how out of the ordinary your idea or writing style is, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Alternatively, if you would like me to write a guest blog for your personal website/blog, feel free to email me at the same address. Again, if you have a specific subject you’d like me to write about or just have a vague idea, I’d be more than happy to discuss it with you and decide what the post will be about.

I personally like to write about: current affairs, politics, feminism, education, animal welfare, LGBT issues and much more. To get a better idea of the kind of articles I write and my style of writing, you can view my blog post categories page.

Happy blogging!