This page is my online CV which contains details of all my past internships and work experience, as well as all my current writing projects and affiliations in two branches: creative writing experience and journalism experience. If you have any questions about anything detailed below, email me at:

You can also view my Linkedin profile here.

Most recent first…


» June 2016 – present: Awarded a Vacation Scholarship by The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland to research 21st century Scottish literature and write my own collection of Scottish short stories.

» February 2016: Short story “Sonder” published by Quotidian literary magazine.

» January 2016: Poem “Glaze” displayed at The Globe Inn, Dumfries, as part of the Burns Window Project.

» January 2016: Short story “The iBrain” published online by Germ Magazine.

» December 2015: Short story “Flesh and Blood” published in print and eBook edition of Devolution Z, a literary magazine specialising in horror fiction.

» August 2015 – present: Appointed as an Assistant Editor for the session of 2015-2016 at Quotidian, a literary magazine where Scottish student writers can submit short fiction and poetry for publication.

» March 2015: Short story “Ivy Moon” published and awarded Short Story of The Month by online literary publication, Short Story Sunday.

» December 2014: “The Fairest of Them All“concrete poem – prize winner in the University of Strathclyde’s Construction of Scotland class Concrete Poetry Competition.

» September 2014: “Ivy Moon and Other Short Stories”, a self-published short fiction collection; details of which are available on my self-published work page and “Ivy Moon…” is available to buy from Amazon.



» February 2016 – present: Hired as a Blogger at The Huffington Post UK Young Voices.

» October  2015: “Friend Jealousy” article featured on Teen Vogue.

» September 2015: “Moon Child: Collected Essays”, a self-published collection of articles, essays, reviews and intern diaries; details of which are available on my self-published work page and the collection is available to buy from

» September 2015 – January 2016: Promoted to position of Lifestyle Editor, as well as Copy-Editor, at CultNoise magazine.

» August – December 2015: Appointed as Regional Editor for Glasgow at The University Paper for the session of 2015-2016.

» August 2015: Completed a 2-day training course in London for The University Paper on the specifics of the newspaper, news writing and media law.

» July 2015 – January 2016: Promoted to role of Copy-Editor at CultNoise magazine.

» June 2015: Completed a week-long journalism internship with The National, the newspaper that supports an independent Scotland, where I had five articles published including a double-page spread on an international news story. Find all my articles on my author’s page on The National website here!

» May – September 2015: Resident TV critic with “Sophie’s Choice” TV review blog with Student Rag, writing typically 3-5 reviews of current TV shows per week which are featured on the front page of the Student Rag website.

» May 2015: “The F Word: The Reason Why It’s Called ‘Feminism'” announced as Article of the Week by CultNoise magazine.

» May – September 2015: Contributing Writer at Student Rag, a Glasgow-based student magazine.

» May 2015 – January 2016: Contributing Writer at CultNoise magazine, an online student magazine.

» April 2015 – present: Contributing Writer at Femsplain, an online feminist publication based in America.

» April 2015: Completed a two-week writing Internship at Scotcampus where I contributed to the online content and print edition of the magazine with feature, comedy, arts and music articles. (Read my intern diary here!)

» January 2015 – present: Contributing Writer at Scotcampus, Scotland’s biggest student magazine.

» December 2014 – present: Contributing Writer with the Strathclyde Telegraph, the University of Strathclyde’s student newspaper.



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