Born in 2014, moon child has evolved from a simple blog used every other month merely to document my articles published in my uni’s student newspaper into a creative lifestyle blog jam-packed with opinion pieces, reviews, short stories, poems, news pieces, guest blogs, event coverage, literature, film/theatre pieces, updates and more. Essentially, its a slightly tidier and (hopefully) more professional online equivelant of the countless messy, oversaturated, nauseatingly-colourful scrapbooks I kept when I was little.

While moon child is still in its infancy, I, on the other hand, was born in 1995, just one year before the Trainspotting film release which you will recognise the importance of if you visit moon child often (I write about Trainspotting a lot). I was born and raised in the West of Scotland on a diet of Still Game, Mötley Crüe, gangster films, Frankenstein, the Addams Family, Billy Connolly, and 1980s classic rock.

I caught the writing bug at school and haven’t stopped since. When I started uni in 2013, I made it my mission to pester online publications across the UK and every student magazine in a twenty-mile radius looking for digital and print journalism experience. Since then, I have been building on my portfolio through placements and internships, writing as much as I can, and posting my work here and on my Facebook page. I have been published with magazines and newspapers including The Strathclyde Telegraph, Glasgowist, Positively Scottish, The Huffington Post, Scotcampus, Femsplain, Teen Vogue, Student Rag, The National (newspaper), and CultNoise magazine.

I have a keen interest in fiction writing and I have had both short stories and poems published by Short Story Sunday, Devolution Z magazine, Germ magazine, and Quotidian literary magazine. My entry ‘Izzy’ has reached the final in the 18-25 y/o category of the Wicked Young Writers Award 2017 and my poem ‘foaxes’ won the runner-up prize in the Dundein Libraries International Robert Burns Poetry Competition 2017.

I have since graduated from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism/Creative Writing and English with First Class Honours.

To find out more about my previous experience, self-publishing projects, and prizes I have won, connect with me on LinkedIn.

Writing Services

In addition to writing fiction and journalism on a freelance basis, I am also available to hire for proofreading, editing (CVs, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters etc.) and copywriting work.

If you would like to have any print or online copy rewritten or original copy created for your website, social media channels, and/or print collateral, get in touch via the email address below. I am more than happy to work with small businesses, artists, charities, and any organisations in need of a creative copywriter. I have professional experience in reshaping old online copy, creating engaging new content, and writing original blog posts for businesses.

To want to find out more or ask a question about sponsored posts or advertising on moon child, email me at: sophieamcnaughton@gmail.com


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